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Today GRIP got an awesome new update on Steam, introducing a new vehicle as well as a new map!

You can now take the Vintek Marengo speedster and tear it up on wheels -O=O> and on wings ->=>> through the new icy asteroid just outside of Norvos called Jekna 881.



Also featured in this patch are two brand spankin’ new dnb tunes from GRIP fan Matt Seagrave, AKA Everlight, AKA Thrill Swollowa. He has generously blessed GRIP with a couple tunes created specifically for the game!

Matt’s been a big part of the Trance music scene under the alias Everlight, and during his career has played at festivals and clubs all over the world including Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, and Godskitchen. He is now turning part of his attention to Drum & Bass, and GRIP is the lucky first recipient!

To check out his music, scope these links:



Full changelist for this patch below:

  • Added Vintek Marengo speedster class vehicle
  • Added Norvos map Jekna 881
  • Added two new music tracks from Thrill Swollowa
  • Added Dragstrip Carkour track
  • Added menu options for speed streaks and bumper cam vehicle ‘ghost’
  • Added some “new” bots 😉
  • Improved AI bot speed control
  • Improved position tracking system
  • Improved end-race cinematic camera support
  • Various other small tweaks and improvements


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