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Grip: Combat Racing Car Balance + Music + Fade Paint DLC!


We love seeing all the community customized cars in GRIP and figured you would like some more slick paint options. Well, we have just released a new “Fade” garage pack that has 2 gradient paint jobs for every vehicle in the game. Check it out:

Accompanying this pack are some FREE decals for all cars! The DeLorean can finally get some love. Also, there are some silly smiley decals done by ultra-community member Grumpy|3unny 😉

On top of this, we have also done a balancing pass on the cars to make sure they feel competitive, and no car is truly left in the dust. So, give some of those less played vehicles a go!


New Beats

Another community contribution! Drum n’ Bass artists Nosfer and Urph have been kind enough to donate one of their sick tunes to GRIP! Boot up the game now to start racing to ‘Dog eat Dog’. It’s a heavy, grimy (in a good way) banger that will surely help pump your adrenaline.

To check out more of their music, scope these links:


New Patch Notes

Full change list for this patch below:

  • Re-balanced a bunch of the vehicles to be more competitive as per community feedback.
  • Added gradient paint jobs for all vehicles as a DLC pack
  • Added new music track by Nosfer & Urph
  • Added more decal options to every car
  • Fixed some track issues
  • Various small bug fixes


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