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Lista do FandomWire de jogos de terror subestimados

FandomWire has compiled a list of ‘5 More Underrated Horror Games That You Should Check Out Now!‘ Author Massimo Castelli

They decided they had missed many titles in their earlier list of ‘10 Underrated Horror Games Released In the Last Decade.‘ We were delighted to see a couple of Wired classics make this new list of FandomWire’s list of underrated horror games.

The Town of Light.

“Town of Light is an interesting first-person psychological horror game that deals with themes surrounding mental illness and sexual abuse across mental health institutions in the early 20th century. The game carries a genuinely unnerving atmosphere with the setting of a derelict mental hospital in Tuscany, Italy maxing the creepiness out to 11 with each creaking door and flickering light.”

Close To the Sun

“Looking for a taste of that haunting retrofuturism without having to play Bioshock for the tenth time? Well, Close to the Sun will give you that fix. Taking place aboard the city-sized ship known as Helios, you play as a journalist called Rose who has been invited aboard by her sister Ada via a cryptic letter.”

Both of the games join Martha is Dead which made the original list.

Martha is Dead.

“There is a lot about Martha Is Dead that makes it one of the most underrated horror games released in the last decade. From the engaging plotline, to the brilliant voice acting, to the brilliant graphics, Martha Is Dead presents itself as a rival to heavy hitters like Resident Evil Village, rather than just being yet another throwaway first-person horror title. It also contains an interesting camera mechanic and a number of cutscenes that use a creepy puppet show to provide a great deal of additional character depth.”

Check out the full rundown of FandomWire’s list of underrated horror games and check out our games page to play them on your PC or console.


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