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Wired is that company you hear about but think can’t be true. Do they really have KFC Thursdays… do staff really vote on the games they sign, well.. yep. All of that and so much more.

Wired do things differently. We are not a large corporation that prioritizes numbers above individuals. Instead, we are a passionate team of gamers and individuals who are dedicated to discovering game developers whose creations deserve to be experienced. We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to promoting these games, putting in immense effort along the way. This journey is demanding, and we are willing to go the extra mile (figuratively speaking) to attract players while pushing the boundaries of what people believe is achievable for a small label. Our evidence lies in the strong connections we forge, the community of developers we collaborate with, and the cohesive team that stands by our side. We believe in rewarding achievements, celebrating successes, and collectively learning and growing together.

You’ll gain all the usual perks of a great holiday allowance, private health care etc, but you’ll also get development, real progression, a fridge full of drinks, the occasional Spa health day or a round of golf. We play and party, but only after we deliver success for our partners.
Conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Watford train station, our office offers free parking. Moreover, we are situated near a delightful sweet shop factory and across the road from a wine company, making Friday nights particularly enjoyable!

Wired are also proud founding partners of Safe In Our World, the video games mental health charity. We take your health so seriously and fully understand our duty to our teams, partners and players.

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salário: Depende da experiência

Localização: Watford HQ. Considera-se a possibilidade de trabalho parcialmente remoto.

Application closing date: 31 August 2023

Wired Productions Esta é uma função realmente empolgante, na qual você criará e gerenciará a RP de nossos produtos e marcas, trabalhando em títulos existentes e futuros, garantindo que nossos títulos e conteúdos sejam vistos, comentados e, acima de tudo, reproduzidos! Sobre a função Como gerente de relações públicas, você gerenciará as relações públicas de produtos e marcas, tanto por meio de nossa equipe interna quanto por meio de agências, juntamente com nossas campanhas de influenciadores em todo o nosso portfólio de produtos. Reportando-se ao chefe de marketing, você terá a capacidade de aumentar a conscientização sobre nossos títulos em todo o cenário editorial, como...

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