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Attention all astronauts!

Mission control here updating you with some fantastic news!

Earlier this month Deliver Us The Moon was nominated in several categories in the NAVGTR awards.

The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (or NAVGTR for short) is more than a cool sounding abbreviation – it honours specialized roles and skill sets for video game art, technology, and production across the entire industry – basically putting plaudits and highlighting all of the incredible skillsets that go on behind the scenes of your favourite video games!

The awards show took place last night, and we are completely blown away by the fact we received EIGHT nominations in several categories, competing against an incredible range of games from incredible indies such as Spiritfarer, to AAA juggernauts such as Ghosts of Tsushima and The Last Of Us 2!

Any one of these games could easily have walked away with the awards (deservedly so!) And Deliver Us The Moon secured itself an award for ‘Outstanding Game’ in the Special Class category – which we are absolutely over the moon about!

Thank you all for continuing to be the best group of astronauts the WSA could ask for!
Until next time – stand by for further updates!

Mission Control out.


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