Martha Uncovered | Special Episode with Femina Ridens

In This special episode of Martha Uncovered. We go behind the music with Francesca Messina and Massimiliano Lo Sardo from Femina Ridens.

They talk about how their love of similar Music & Cinema to Luca Dalco helped them understand the music needed for Martha Is Dead and how growing up in the Tuscan hills shaped that music.

Francesca Messina was born in Florence. From early age has had contact with different cultures and music styles that significantly inspired her artistic path.
As a musician she constantly experimented with her voice, her music ranges from World Music to Dance (Gold Record Award with Lady Violet) shifting to Contemporary Theatre and Opera (the International Theatre Festival Biennale di Venezia and Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Theatre).

Massimiliano Lo Sardo multi-instrumentalist has developed his interest in improvisation and musical experimentation since the early ’90s.

Femina Ridens’s latest project is Kalenda Maya. it’s a collection of witty and touching songs taken from Medieval manuscripts written in Europe from the 10th to the 14th century. The project goes beyond paying tribute to European and Mediterranean roots, moreover is blending in harmony old and contemporary vibes through a fine reworking of melodies.
This fresh approach to Medieval music creates live performances that seek to draw out different expressive possibilities suggested by the original material, truly creating a bridge between the past and the future.

You can buy Femina Ridens latest CD Kalenda Maya HERE.

You can also follow her on YouTube and keep up with her latest news at

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