Ep #52 |Wired Unplugged Podcast

The One Where Our Heroes Take a Break

On this week’s Podcast. It’s the series #01 Finale! Jake and Aaron start to unwind as they are looking forward to a well-earned break before we start Season #02. Like on the last day of school, we brought in some games. Videogames!

They talk about Resi Evil 4 in VR, Pokemon presents, Tiny Troopers music and so much more.

Also discussed: –

  • Some interesting things going on with Microsoft.
  • Tin Hearts UTOMIK Beta went amazingly well! Thanks to everyone who tuned in to play!
  • PAX volunteers assembleeeeeee!!! Sign up at https://wired.gg/WiredatPAX
  • Tiny Trooper Global Ops now has a release date and will be landing on March 9th!
  • Tiny Troopers we’ve announced a special single which will be released for Tiny Troopers by Ivor and the Horde via Black Razor Records – all proceeds will be going to War Child UK.

We might be on our holiday for the next couple of weeks, but we would still love to hear your questions for the show. Email unplugged@wiredproductions or tweet us at @WiredP and @WiredUnplugged. What have we been playing? What have we been up to this week? Make sure to subscribe as it really helps us out!







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