Arcade Paradise: 11月3日補丁說明

Patch 1.06 Has multiple game fixes, UI fixes and so much more. If you would like a deep dive into what has been covered. Head on over to the Arcade Paradise Discord.
  • Arcade Fixes Air Hockey Fixed an issue with the UI not clearing properly when quitting, will now fully clear on exit. Championship darts ‘Defeat the AI in a game of Darts’ was auto-completing. Fixed. Bomb Dudes Fixed issue with exit door not spawning when all enemies killed. Bugai Game could get stuck in Game Over animation. Fixed. Hustler Improved ball physics and collision as well as fewer incorrect foul calls. Meteor Madness Visual effects when hitting asteroids have been improved for better clarity. Slime Pipes Level 19 had a leaky pipe – the pipe is now fixed and no longer leaky! Space Race ‘Trigger to accelerate’ could stop working in some circumstances – this should no longer occur. Toad and Turtle Removed impossible ‘Eat Flies’ Todo lists, this was a gameplay feature we removed ages ago because it wasn’t fun! Woodgal/Woodguy Fixed and occasional soft lock that would occur on exit. Woodgal’s Adventure Progress and collection of Stars, Shards and Power-ups are now saved when quitting the machine – save points are no effectively re-spawn points. Zombat 2 Increased turn and move speed when using the flamethrower and Increased turn, move speed and an extra clip of ammunition when using the minigun.
  • Activity Fixes Chewing Gum Picking The ‘Get 3 Fire Pulls’ Todo is much easier now and will trigger when you complete 3 of them with a fire pull as the final pull. Washing/Drying Fixed rare lock-up when placing washing in machine. Multiple crash fixes Including issues with Blockchain, Fruit Crush, Air Hockey, and Vostok 2093 (amongst others). Lock Up Fix Fix for rare lock-up when quitting the game. Multiple fixes to Rival Emails Including emails going missing, duplicate emails, emails never being sent, or attachments not being viewable. If you have duplicate emails pre-patch then these will not be removed, but progression should resume correctly. Multiple fixes to Todos and Goals With improved tracking and saving Multiple post-game fixes For issues after completing the story including the PC not being usable and not being able to purchase music.
  • UI Fixes Leaderboard UI Has been improved for very large scores. FoV slider Should work better and displays values more clearly. Video and Music players Sometimes had additional, distorted, text. Fixed. Fixed problem with Safe UI Displaying incorrect amounts, or overflowing when holding more than $10k Gallery program On the PC could malfunction. Fixed.
  • Upgrade Fixes Upgrades could disappear Or become deactivated, this has been fixed – if you still encounter errors, opening the upgrades menu should resolve any problems The Car Could occasionally disappear. Fixed. Disabling the Trash Bag This occasionally caused problems, should now be fixed. Upgrade prices Have been rebalanced, should now be slightly cheaper. Electrical Engineering Book This is now twice as effective!
  • Watch Fixes ‘Full Alerts’ Multiple of these were very annoying and have been toned down. ‘New Email’ alerts could trigger at the start of a day. Fixed. Gold Watch – does not beep anymore!
  • Misc Fixes Employee of the Month Floating Poster has now been fixed. PS5 version Can now import PS4 save data. You will find the button for this on the Options in the Front End of the game (this will overwrite any current Ps5 save progress.
  • DLC UPDATE DLC support added. DLC Cabinets must first be purchased via the online store for your chosen platform. They will then appear in the new ‘Arcade Imports; website which can be accessed via the in-game PC, and can be bought just like a regular cabinet. Arcade Imports website will only appear after you purchase the First Extension. Purchasing a DLC Cabinet will not progress the story, but their Todos and Goals contribute to upgrades and earnings as normal. You cannot purchase a DLC Cabinet if it would block the purchase of a Story Cabinet (but all DLC Cabinets can be placed after you purchase the First Extension).