E3 or Not E3, That is the Question… | Ep #17 | Wired Unplugged

E3 or Not E3, That is the Question… | Ep #17 | Wired Unplugged…

This week on Wired Unplugged, hosts Jake Kulkowski and Aaron Cooper are joined by the incredible Paige Harvey from Special Effect to discuss the amazing work the charity do for less-abled gamers, community development and dive deep into the creation of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Jake and Aaron also slip into the void of ‘Not E3’ to discuss some of the announcements thus far and cast their eyes into the crystal ball to try their hand at the prediction game of possible announcements to come.

The gang also take a proper gander at the latest Wired Propaganda to share some exciting ‘not-E3’ inclusions at the IGN Expo, brand-new hot game demos you can play at home and more!

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