Wired Productions At Gamescom | Ep #28 | Wired Unplugged Podcast

The one where Gamescom got Wired!

This week on Wired Unplugged, hosts Jake Kulkowski and Aaron Cooper discuss last weeks Wired antic’s at Gamescom including all of the news and reveals from the show, from shocking announcements to surprise revivals!

Also included is a dive into Wired’s own news from the show, including:
– Tin Hearts winning ‘Gamescom/IGN Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Game’. YAY!
– Announcements of Hotel Architect & Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles.
– The Last Worker confirming a release date of October 19th 2022 for PC

As well as everything Wired Propaganda, Jake and Aaron also break down this weeks news from Nintendo Direct, Quantic Dream and Konami plus much, much more. Have a question or topic for the podcast? Email unplugged@wiredproductions.com and we’ll do our best to tackle your topic on our next show!

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