The One Where our Heroes Hit Replay | Ep #44 | Wired Unplugged Podcast

It’s our filler episode! Yep, we’ve released the first ever ‘Wired Unwrapped’ episode of the Wired Unplugged podcast, the weekly gaming podcast which breaks the third wall and lifts the lids on the secrets of publishing and the gaming industry. Like every good series, this is a filler episode. 

Join our hosts Jake Kulkowski and Aaron Cooper as they ‘Michael J Fox’ it and head back in time. Featuring the greatest highlights of the year from Wired Unplugged, our favourite guests, funny moments and general Wired shenanigans. For newcomers, this is the one episode to watch if you have never seen or heard of the podcast before! 

See you in 2023, where Wired will release all of the games that we announced and thought would launch a year ago! Who could have predicted a lockdown, and the knock-on effect?! Happy Holidays! 

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