Preservation and Perspective | Ep #35 | Wired Unplugged Podcast

When one host gets home, another prepares to leave. Like ships passing in the night, Jake returns from his MR WORLDWIDE tour of the finest Microsoft zoom backgrounds available in 2022 and Gary joins him once more before traveling to Germany. With the sirens of Konami’s event and the follow-up of Capcom’s Resident Evil event in their ears, the boys go through the latest Wired propaganda and industry news including :

  • – Polaris – The Wired Unplugged Podcast VERIFIED REAL
  • – Bulwark @ The Mix
  • – The Resident Evil event sharing the Resident Evil 4 remake, and RE:village VR – Vaporware / Abandonware
  • – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Amsterdam and the pre-order campaign
  • – And more! Jake shares his love of RTS games and appreciation for those that go the extra mile for preservation (including uploading EVERY PS2 game manual ever made to an archive in 4k)
  • – Gary gushes over Signalis and Scorn all whilst Aaron struggles with trunks. Have a question or topic for the podcast?

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