New Ep of the Wired Unplugged Podcast drops!

This week on Wired Unplugged, hosts Jake Kulkowski and Aaron Cooper are FINALLY reunited just in time for Aaron to evolve into his final Unicorn form. Joining the gang is art and design extraordinaire and all-round holy guy, PopeArt! We run through his impressive career, explore the creative process and the search for ‘the masterpiece’ – we also talk a little about those pesky NFT things… (yes, we still hate them, but give PopeArt our holy blessings) But wait, there’s more… Jake and Aaron run through the latest Propaganda, talk all things Arcade Paradise Beta and roll through the theft laden news, which ironically was stolen from the internet – leaks, theft and crime, oh my.

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The Wired Unplugged podcast is a weekly gaming podcast where hosts Aaron Cooper and Jake Kulkowski break the third wall and lift the lids on the secrets of publishing and the gaming industry; as they dig out thoughts, opinions and reactions to the biggest news with a range of special guests! Wherever you’re consuming this – consider subscribing and help support us make more content!

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