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The Last Worker : Release date Update

Attention all Jüngle personnel

There are companies out there that force their workers to pee in bottles or run the risk of getting fired. Like the Jüngle corporation in our entirely fictitious and not-at-all-inspired-by-real-life game.

But not us.

Together, Writer/Director Jörg Tittel at Oiffy, Ryan Bousfield and his team at Wolf & Wood and Publisher Wired Productions have decided to honour the vision for The Last Worker, and to do so in a humane manner.

The decision has been made to delay the October 19th PC launch to Q1 2023.

The whole team promises a narrative adventure unlike any you’ve played before, featuring a diverse and stellar cast and a host of world-class artists and musicians.

The new targeted release window will also allow for a simultaneous release across all platforms, including PC, PC VR, Meta Quest 2, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Everyone working on The Last Worker would like to thank fans for their continued support as well as the press for the phenomenal reactions to the recent Steam demo and Nintendo Switch hands-on at Gamescom. The enthusiasm and feedback continue to inspire the team and give everyone involved energy for the final stretch.

We can’t wait to welcome you to JFC-1. But please Don’t forget to wash your hands.



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