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Press Pause for Safe In Our World

On Monday the 24th our very own Steph will be streaming on Twitch.

We are streaming and fundraising for Safe In Our World on its 3rd Anniversary! Safe in Our World is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video games industry and beyond. The #PressPause initiative is about the idea of pressing pause on life by pressing play in-game.

Donate Here:

Donation Page.

Your contributions can help SIOW continue their work towards a better gaming experience for all.

What have Safe In Our World done in the last 3 years?

Enrolled 140+ Level Up Partners and connected them with resources and training to better support their teams.

Signposted life-saving resources to over 200,000 visitors on our website

£90k of free training has been delivered to the industry so far.

Committed to training 350 Community Managers in a free mental health training course. We’ve trained 250 already!

Created an inclusive and supportive Discord community to openly discuss mental health and games with 900+ members.

Let’s Press Pause & Make a Difference Together.

Make sure to head to our stream at 2 pm on Monday



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