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Ep #51 | Wired Unplugged Podcast

The One Where Our Heroes Break into Square Enix

This week we don the stripy tops and face masks as Jake reveals he has broken into Square Enix and they chat about Dead Island 2, Tin Hearts demo coming to Utomik, Pax and volunteering on the Wired Stand, FIFA becoming EA FC? And Double fines 22-hour Psychonauts 2 documentary. Also discussed:

  • The Last Worker interviews and impressions are landing.
  • The Tin Hearts event has taken place this week.
  • Deliver Us The Moon update has been delivered to Xbox Series players.
  • PS5 console sales in Europe are reportedly up roughly 200% Year on Year.
  • Dead Island 2 is FINALLY on its way.
  • Metroid Prime remaster has been criticized.

Play the Tin Hearts Demo on Utomik from 17th – 19th Feb here: Tin Hearts demo

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