Armistice 2023 Steam Sale

Armistice 2023 Steam Sale

Wired is Joining Forces with War Child UK and taking part in the War Child UK Armistice 2023 Steam Sale!

Between 8-15th November, we’ll donate a portion of every sale of the Tin Hearts Starter Bundle and Deliver us the Moon – Digital Deluxe to War Child UK. Make sure to grab your discounted copy, gift one to a friend, or let them know about the sale.

Tin Hearts Starter Bundle

Tin Hearts Starter bundle Armistice 2023 Steam Sale

Deliver us the Moon – Digital Deluxe

Deliver us the Moon - Digital Deluxe Armistice 2023 Steam Sale

This year’s Armistice Sale is celebrating peaceful play and highlighting the importance of protecting, educating, and standing up for the rights of children living in war zones. War Child work in the hardest to reach places to support those who are hardest hit, to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children, when they need them most.

By purchasing a game or DLC during the sale we can help to fund their projects in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Iraq, and Yemen.

War Child will never give up on children affected by conflict.

Check out the full sale here:

War Child Steam sale Armistice 2023 Steam Sale


Find out more about War Child here –

War Child Uk


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