Той, де наші герої розмовляють про Game Awards та Юдзі Нака | Епізод #41 | Подкаст Wired Unplugged

This week our heroes turn 41. But still full of energy, they dive into news stolen from Google to discuss Yuji Naka re-arrested over alleged Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier insider trading, COD heading to Switch and predictions about what was about to be revealed at last night’s Game Awards (and what had already leaked!) Plus, they spill beans on our Gori: Cuddle Carnage and Tin Hearts details, talk The Last Worker coming to PSVR2 and answer questions from Twitter! Want to get involved next week? Fire your questions to @WiredUnplugged on Twitter!

Also this week:

    • Elden Ring update adds PVP Colosseum – Points to Jake!!
    • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to be shown at the game awards – a steam leak suggests March 2023 could be the release date – ALSO CAL HAS A BLASTER NOW?!!
    • Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong composers have released a Christmas song! Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, Kev Bayliss – some proceeds going to Special Effect!

Our gang also batten down the hatches and take on an actual batch of listener questions – speaking of which, if you have a question or topic for the show, you can submit them to the team on Twitter to @WiredP or @WiredUnplugged, or via email (unplugged@wiredproductions.com), if YOUR question is chosen, you’ll get a Wired Productions game of your choice!

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