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After 2 Years of hard work, the fan-requested Deluxe edition of the award-winning thriller ‘The Town of Light’ officially launches today on the Nintendo Switch!

The Town of Light was a labour of love from the start, and this newest version of it is no different. Despite our original plans for a physical release – over the course of development and the input of several talented teams it became clear that the several challenges faced would make this an incredibly complex task. We wanted to maintain value and quality for our players, as we do on all our projects. We’re a company that loves Nintendo and loves physical releases, however in this instance, we were really struggling to justify the price we’d have to ask gamers to pay to purchase the game on cartridge. Our goal on this project was purely to celebrate a fantastic title and help reach a new audience. So with that in mind, we scaled back the plans from a cartridge release to an eShop only launch. This means we could bring the price down to something we think is great value, and ensure The Town of Light can reach more gamers that what would have been possible at a price point three times higher.

The Town Of Light is a project that we as a team believed in, respected and fell in love with from the moment LKA brought it to us, and with the continuous requests from our Switch fans to experience Renee’s journey, & the outpour of love and appreciation from the games initial release, we felt we owed it to ourselves, to the developers and to the fans to ensure the project was completed.

The anecdotes and personal stories shared from players about how important the message of the game has been for them, as well as shining a light on practices and beliefs that though outdated and barbaric, are not that far back in our history and should not be forgotten – all helped back this decision to make sure that we were determined to spread this incredible story as wide as possible.

In light of this, 10% of sales from the Switch version of The Town Of Light are being donated to video games charity SafeInOurWorld – to continue the work that Renee’s tale started.

The Switch version of the game also comes with an exclusive ‘Making of’ documentary, exploring the history of the Volterra Asylum, as well as an insight into the development of the game itself.

Thank you once more to all of the fans for your patience, your time, your love and your support. It’s why we do what we do.

The Town of Light is available for purchase here at $9.99 / €9.99 /  £7.99

🇩🇪 – bit.ly/TOLGR
🇺🇸 –  bit.ly/TOLUS
🇬🇧 – bit.ly/TTOLNS

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