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GRIP patch 1.0.8 is now live on Switch

Racers! Take a quick pit stop with the brand-new patch for Grip on the Nintendo Switch

This new update brings the Switch up to speed with content and tracks available – as well as bug fixes and general optimization.


New Vehicle

  • Added the new vehicle ‘MG – ZS X’.


New Tracks

  • Added the new track ‘Frigid Ridges’.
  • Added the new track ‘The Plunge’.
  • Added the new arena ‘Park Date’.
  • Added the new Carkour level ‘Park Date’.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collisions for various tracks.
  • Bug fixes to various particle effects.
  • Bug fix for the final duel in the campaign.
  • General bug fixes for arena ‘View To A Kill’.
  • Fixed lobby bug for hitting ready before all players joined.
  • Fixed lobby bug with voting


General Updates

  • Improved missile deployment and navigation.
  • Improved and added additional cinematic cameras.
  • Added the language ‘Simplified Chinese’.
  • General Bug Fixes and Optimisation.
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