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Вийшов новий патч для Falconeer!

There’s a brand-new patch out now for The Falconeer on Xbox and PC servers, aimed at streamlining the prologue and making the start of the game a better experience for new players!

Full patch notes can be found below :


Prologue Changes

  • Fixed wrong button prompt in prologue targeting.
  • Button prompts now blink in prologue.
  • Trying to land in prologue now shows warning that feature is locked in current chapter.
  • Prologue balloon shooting removed completely.
  • Prologue bombing removed completely.
  • Bombing tutorial added to Dunkle.

Bug Fixes

  • Paths to Shard mission where cargo would get shot off, and player couldn’t pick up now fixed.
  • Mosaur skin glitch fixed.
  • Fly ahead prompt forcibly deactivated on fly home.
  • Fixed random progress on several achievements when first starting the game.

UI Updates

  • Landing and fly ahead moved into the screen safe zone.
  • Text size in settings menu increased.
  • Text size in controller menu increased.

Gameplay Changes

  • Small dead-zone created for the dive manoeuvre, to prevent accidental dives.
  • In easy mode every pot recharges when landing, in normal every pot only at your home, and in hardcore only pyro pots recharge only at your home.
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