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Arcade Paradise - Новий патч для ПК та консолей

Hey there arcade enthusiasts, got some RADICAL news for you – a brand new Arcade Paradise patch is available RIGHT NOW!

Before we dive into the patch notes, a little bit of clarity for folks :

– This is a 2 part patch, one a small secondary patch for PC following up from the ‘week 2 patch’ and one for console
– The console patch is applicable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox family of consoles
– Nintendo Switch will be receiving this patch a little bit later, by next week at latest.
– There are some platform specific console fixes – these are listed in italics

PC patch notes

UI Fixes

– Various Ultrawide and UI scaling fixes
– Vsync now works as expected, and resolution handling improved

Arcade Machines Fixes and Improvements

– Zombat 2 – Multiplayer Fixes
– Knuckles & Knees – rebalanced to be slightly easier
– Space Race – UI rendering fixes
– Thump-a-Gopher – Fix for crash when the game is not actively running and gophers are collided with
– Table Football – Fix for crash when leaving and re-entering without starting a game

General Fixes and Improvements

– Fixed the car being usable in the Empty scene before the arcade has been bought back

Console Patch Notes

UI Fixes

– ‘Objectives Done’ UI could show incorrect values when first shown. Fixed.
– Various PDA UI fixes
– Monospaced the Leaderboard scores for easier reading
– Fixed some issues with too many decimal point numbers appearing on PDA
– Credits now render correctly in 4K
– Credits updated to include some absolute legends
– Improved a number of text and UI issues on the PDA menu where fonts would render at the wrong size or elements would appear too dark on the “Goals” menu
– Changed font on bank balances to make them more legible at lower resolutions
– Resized Jukebox album covers so they all appear correctly scaled
– Changed text kerning on email browser so that emails can be larger without being cut off

Tasks and Goals

– Zombat 2 Sniper rifle goal tracks correctly
– Zombat 2: To do – “shoot 300 bullets in one life in Zombat 2” now resets at start of day
– Racer Chaser: Complete 3 Levels task in Racer Chaser now works
– Vostok 2093: To do – Destroy 100 enemies in vostok 2093 now tracks correctly
– UFO Assault – “Destroy 500 building floors” goal now functions as intended
– Championship Darts – “Win with a 6 dart finish” goal now functions as intended
– Strike Gold: “Destroy 1000 tiles in Strike Gold” to-do now functions as intended
– Cyberdance goal – complete a song on cyberdance without missing a beat made easier and now triggers correctly
– Bomb dudes – have all powerups active at once goal now triggers correctly
– Line Terror: “get a score of 1250 on line terror” fixed
– Line Terror “complete 3 stages in line terror” todo made easier
– Meteor Madness – “collect 10 diamonds” was looking for 20. Fixed
– K&K “Eat 15 apples in snake” goal now tracks
– K&K – To do – KO 50 enemies in Knuckles and Knees now works
– Toad and Turtle: Complete a level in toad and turtle without moving left or right now works, and made easier
– Bugai – Throw 13 Bubbles to your opponent now working correctly
– Thump-A-Gopher: “Hit woodguy 10 times” wasn’t completable due to resetting on each playthrough. Fixed.
– Blobs From Space – defeat motherships now tracks
– Jukebox Goals and playtime did not have an effect on income. Fixed
– Jukebox Goals tracked but did not save progress. Fixed
– To Do 15 laundry loads was reduced to 7 to be more achievable
– Achievements should now all trigger correctly
– Multiple other Goal and To-Do tracking fixes

Arcade Machine Fixes and improvements

– Arcade machines now receive the correct amount of money at the end of the day
– Racer Chaser – Leaderboard score now accumulates correctly
– Woodgal Adventure: Coin hopper is now easier to select
– Woodgal’s Adventure inventory items now save correctly. (But note that you have to use the Save Points for this to work. Will be fixed in later patch)
– Table Football – Fixed Camera getting stuck in replay mode after replay is skipped
– Table Football – Footballers rotate while on pause
– Bugai: The first time you try to play on each new boot it wouldn’t accept input. Fixed
– Woodguy golf – golf arc was not showing up on some platforms. Fixed
– Bomb Dudes – Enemy corpses no longer kill the player
– Thump-a-gopher: Gophers were not always appearing. Fixed
– Space Race – Fixed issues with craft not being able to move, and UI showing negative numbers.
– Communists from Mars explosions have been tweaked to make getting chains easier
– Darts – Alex’s character had some graphical issues. Fixed.
– Blockchain – Issues with placing blocks on the top most row have been resolved.
– Blockchain – Player could get blocked after filling board and placing last block with one move left. Fixed
– Air hockey – if “Allow Multiplayer” is disabled in the Front End then it would not work properly on first play. Fixed.
– Stack Overflow – >100 minute games would display the wrong time. Fixed.
– Multiple crash fixes across all games
– Improved glow particles on Woodgal Adventure and Thump-a-gopher
– Blockchain cabinet instructions have been re-written
– Zombat 2 – Multiplayer Fixs
– Knuckles & Knees – rebalanced to be slightly easier
– Space Race – UI rendering fixes
– Thump-a-Gopher – Fix for crash when the game is not actively running and gophers are collided with
– Table Football – Fix for crash when leaving and re-entering without starting a game

General Fixes and improvements

– The notification for holding over $5000 was very distracting when collecting more money. Disabled.
– Multiple instances of hard-to-collect trash fixed
– Including the Crushed Cans on the window-sill (you know the one!)
– Multiple instances of hard-to-collect, misplaced, or floating gum fixed
– Rival emails – Attack Vector – Was only showing 4 emails instead of 5
– Rival emails: ‘Unread’ state wasn’t saved. Fixed
– Rival email reward pictures could only be opened once. Fixed
– Laundry baskets now randomise in colour when spawned
– Player could pick up two washing baskets causing first one to disappear. Fixed
– Player was able to disable some of the upgrades that should be permanent. Fixed.
– Rare issue where you could not collect laundry after the tutorial. Fixed.
– Idiot’s guide to PC items could disappear from desktop after purchase. Fixed.
– In the first shrinking of the laundrette there was a metal basket holder which made the washing machine inaccessible. This has been removed.
– It was possible to freeze time by existing the Safe. Fixed.
– Crash when looking at Music player with all extensions unlocked fixed
– Pixelated NPC eyelashes were not disappearing in some situations. Fixed
– Some missing collision in several of the levels was fixed
– Fixed some issues with the Map, Tutorials and VO
– Multiple crash and progression blocking fixes
– Increased interaction distance to improve item picking
– Characters now begin to glow as they appear/disappear
– Reduced bloom and exposure on some platforms to improve performance and increase legibility
– Grunge male character was using wrong eyelash material.
– Many of the player upgrade prices have been reduced to make obtaining them easier
– Improved Skyboxes to increase performance
– Fixed the car being usable in the Empty scene before the arcade has been bought back
– XBOX – Fix for controller assignment issues with multiplayer game
– XBOX – Fix for crash when disconnecting controller on PC webpages
– XBOX – Changed video encodes to H264 to fix corruption on XB1X

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