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Крихітні десантники: Глобальні операції розгортаються сьогодні


Suit up and answer the call of duty in a world where supervillains are causing global chaos.

Celebrate the return of the Tiny Troopers, a true indie game that first launched on mobile, before Wired published its console debut back in 2014! Since then Wired has taken on the licence where we teamed up with Epiphany Games to create an all-new game for the latest generation of consoles!

Дивіться стартовий трейлер нижче:

Players can battle solo as a lone wolf or team up in couch co-op with 3 friends for split-screen action. Alternatively, players can take on Tiny Troopers: Global Ops in online co-op with friends on any available format.

The multiplayer rollout has been a huge amount of work, as we were determined to bring full cross-play across all formats. Launching today, but continuing to be developed and optimised you’ll be able to join games with players across PC, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and Utomik. Currently, at launch, Nintendo players will only be able to join rather than host games, but as we stabilise the servers and optimise with more players joining, we hope to be able to turn on the ability to host in the coming days.

Tiny Troopers has always been an ‘evergreen’ title for us – today might be the launch but we are committed to continuing to develop and optimise the game over the coming months. We ask players to send any feedback to our feedback page, our Discord or through Steam.

Also, keep your eyes peeled as we announced a music release two weeks ago in support of our charity partner War child – we can’t wait to share more on this next week!

Known issues we’re working on hotfixes for (updated daily)

  • On PS5 and Xbox only: (A patch has been submitted to fix these ASAP)
    • Intermittent times where Mission descriptions, stats and leaderboards do not get displayed.
    • Unable to skip some dialogues
  • On all platforms:
    • Online may throw out random issues depending on the network connection and console speed. These issues only happen when going into a mission or going back to the HQ. We’re working on the fix for this right now
  • Nintendo Switch
    • We’ve locked the ability to host games whilst we optimise the cross-play capability. This should be fixed in the coming days
    • There have been reports of the game crashing online at the end of the last mission in each chapter. We’re working on the fix for this right now

Enlist here: Tiny Troopers: Global Ops

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