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One Voice Awards

Annie Warburton was nominated for a One Voice Awards for her performance as Giulia in Martha Is Dead and she walked away with Gaming Female Voice Over Artist Of The Year. Congratulations to Annie from all the team at Wired Productions and LKA.

Annie Warburton – “Martha Is Dead” (Produced by Jono West / Mikee Goodman  for LKA.srl /Wired Production. Wired Productions)

Annie is a multi award-winning British voice actor with a naturally warm and conversational sound. A versatile actor, she has played a wide range of characters for the BAFTA winning game Disco Elysium, The Forgotten City and recently won Best Female Gaming Performance at the One Voice Awards UK 2022 for her lead role of Giulia in Martha Is Dead. Other credits include dubbing and singing for Disney, ADR for Warner brothers and voicing commercials for the likes of Prada and BMW. Annie is currently scheduled to record her first AAA game role and an animation series.

Other nominees were:
Ally Murphy – “Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View” (Produced by Nathaniel Apostol of White Paper Games / Sold Out)
Amy Rockson – “Pax Germanica” (Produced by Six to Start/ Matt Wieteska)
Kathryn Vinclaire – “Conan Exiles – Savage Wilds” (Produced by Erik Paalsrud)
Leonie Schliesing – “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris” (Produced by Richard M Dumont of SIDE UK for Ubisoft)
Melissa Thom – “Conway: Disappearance from Dahlia View” (Produced by Nathaniel Apostol of White Paper Games / Sold Out)
Rhiannon Moushall – “The Sands of Aura” (Produced by Eric Zheng for Chashu Entertainment / Freedom Games)

This comes after Martha Is Dead has previously picked up the World Trailer Award and an absolute slew of awards at the NYX Awards.

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