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П'ять речей, які потрібно знати про Tiny Troopers: Глобальні операції

They boys are back! and they’re tinier than ever (or at least the same size) in the little big twin-stick shooter that takes the awesome fun of old-school Cannon Fodder games and mixes it with an accessibility that makes Tiny Troopers: Global Ops a game that anyone can enjoy.

Here’s five thing we learned from the trailer from Wired Direct:

1: Our heroes are back to save the world!

Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is brilliant fun, and this time get to enjoy directly with friends as u play together in co-op. There’s a lot more here than we can say, but it’s going to be epic, bruh.

2: Fires to fight, all over the world

In Tiny Troopers: Global Ops, the theatre of battle is all over the world, with epic new missions and challenges given a fresh twist by the glorious minds at Epiphany.

3: The trailer has a BANGING soundtrack

Some of those hits and snare rolls might be recognizable. We’re not going to tell you who did the soundtrack for the trailer, but we want those guesses.

4: It’s all about the chicken

What is the chicken in the trailer all about we hear you say? Well, if you’ve not played a Tiny Troopers game before, it’s full ofzany humour, and  designed to be fun, funny and a hoot to play. Exploding chickens are a thing!

5: Simultaneous deployment!

We’ve been working on Tiny Troopers games for years, but with each iteration, new players joined on new platforms as we launched on consoles and Nintendo Switch. This time, our heroes hit the insertion point as one, across all formats, at launch.

An all-new sequel in the multi-million selling Tiny Troopers franchise. With couch co-op and online multiplayer, players can enjoy the battle with friends at home and away, plus the visual upgrades and enhancements of next gen graphics.

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