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Оновлення Атуна

Atun’s Folly has a new mini pirate campaign!

  • Doing pirate actions now gives a ‘Pirate Level’. The level increases as the player carries out more pirate actions.
  • The pirate level maxes out at 3. For every level, additional pressure is placed on the player by ‘Bounty Hunters’.
  • When the player is a Pirate, they can see ‘Hidey Holes’ across the map. They can also see the new location ‘Atun’s Folly’.
  • Pirate level 3 can only be removed by purchasing an Amnesty. Completing the Atun’s Folly campaign allows the player to purchase Amnesty’s at hidey holes.
  • Up to Pirate level 2 can be removed by purchasing a ‘Letter of Redemption’ at Hidey Holes.
  • Hidey Hole’s allow the player to redeem stolen loot (From destroying friendly boats).
  • Landing at Hidey Hole’s or Atun’s Folly will save progress as a pirate if the player leaves the game.
  • Dual-Weilding Magnatar rifles and Gobspitters are now available at Atun’s Folly.
  • There are new ‘story’ missions at Stargazer, Westgate and Castellus.
  • There are two new classes called ‘Arbiter’ and ‘Corsair’ used by the AI (Also known as legendary aces). Arbiters are essentially police chiefs that keep law and order, they fly ‘Fenix’s’. Corsairs are the opposite to Arbiters, they fly ‘Pteron’s’.

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