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Arcade Paradise Ігри з 16 по 20

The doors to the KingWash arcade opened on the 11th of August and we have decided to take a quick look at all the games each week. Here are the games 16 to 20.


UFO Assault

Die, puny earth people! Level Earth cities ready for the invasion in this intergalactic destruction derby.

Toad & Turtle

Guide Toad home with a lift from Turtle in this classic action game.

Table Football

Feel the excitement, Blue United and Red Rovers kick off in this fever pitch table football game.

Stack Overflow

Keep the boss happy as you need to stay one step ahead and sort the boxes in this puzzle game!

Meteor Madness

In space, no one can hear you scream. Unless you get splatted.

Arcade Paradise вийшов вже зараз, і ви можете отримати примірник за посиланням нижче.

Arcade Paradise.

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