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Arcade Paradise Відкрито попередні замовлення!


They really don’t make ads like they used to, luckily WE DO!

Blast back to the 90’s and get your face melted with the EXTREME new ad for ARCADE PARADISE! The game where you take 35+ arcade games and a LUDICROUS amount of neon lighting to covertly build the arcade of your dreams in the back of a dusty old laundromat!

Set high scores, buy new cabinets to attract more customers and make money to buy MORE GAMES!

Don’t be a DWEEB! watch the new ad right now!

What’s more – you can Pre-order the RADICAL physical version of Arcade Paradise RIGHT NOW! Packed with a folded double-sided poster, graffiti sticker set, reversible King Wash sleeve and digital EP download.

Priced at £19.99 for the PlayStation copies and £24.99 for Nintendo Switch – available directly from the Wired Store! And don’t forget to wishlist Arcade Paradise on Steam! Start your journey to become an arcade LEGEND today!

Pre-order for console right here!
Wishlist on Steam right here!




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