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Add Arcade Paradise to your Wishlist Now!

After watching the incredible Arcade Paradise trailer (featuring the sweet vocals of Doug Cockle) and being hit with the nostalgic vibe of the 90’s, don’t forget to add Arcade Paradise to your wish list today!

For those of you who missed the trailer, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Arcade Paradise is a love letter to arcades from the creators of Vostok Inc. Kit out your dream arcade with machines from the glory era, from simple vector-based games of the 70s all the way to the early 3D games of the mid-90s. Get a heavy dose of nostalgia with over 35 playable arcade titles.


Arcade Paradise arrives in 2021, and will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Ready. Player. One.

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