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It’s an important day for everyone here at Wired as The Town Of Light turns 5!

We’ll be celebrating this special game for the next 5 days, sharing anecdotes and interviews from developers LKA, as well as some of the incredible videos, behind the scenes footage and spotlighting the incredible impact that The Town Of Light had on Wired, and the industry as a whole – before casting our eyes forward to the future with Martha is Dead.

Keep an eye on all of our socials for our #5YearsOfTTOL posts and share your own Volterra experiences with us!

You can purchase The Town Of Light on Steam by clicking here.

And you can pick it up on PlayStation Store by clicking here.



In The Town of Light the story is paramount and being able to follow it in your own language helps to immerse yourself even more in Renée’s mind.

For this reason we continue to add localised subtitles and voiceovers where possible, and can confirm that the Steam version of The Town Of Light now supports :

  • Simplified Chinese subtitles
  • Traditional Chinese subtitles
  • Japanese subtitles
  • Japanese full voice-over

We’ll continue to add even more localisation support to The Town Of Light as we go forward.



We are incredibly proud of LKA and what they achieved with The Town Of Light, and are privileged to be a part of bringing the story of Renée to people all over the world.

Later this year we’ll be introducing you to Martha Is Dead, the next project from LKA.

Building on the foundations placed by The Town Of Light, LKA are once again creating a very personal tale, grounded in the horrors of reality and the darkness of the human mind rather than jump scare monsters.

Combined with unbelievable visuals powered by next-generation technology, and writing that tackles delicate subject matter with respect to bring important conversations to light as well as tell an unforgettable story, we hope fans of TTOL and gamers worldwide will find Martha Is Dead just as unforgettable as Renée’s story.

You can keep up to date with Martha’s development and all important news by adding it to your Steam wishlist!

Do so by clicking right here!

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