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Завітайте на Wired на Dreamhack Beyond!

Find the Wired booth in Kaiju Hall 5 at DreamHack Beyond from July 24th – 31st!


DreamHack Beyond is an at-home, all-digital free interactive festival experience which interweaves a game with a virtual expo! Guests can create and customise their own character, collect limited edition pets and cosmetics, explore the story of the mystical sleepers, cheer on their favourite teams, participate in various side quests and explore a vast number of dynamically themed halls each with their own lore!

Claim your free ticket for DreamHack Beyond here: [General Admission]

Where to find us: Kaiju Hall 5 

Keep an eye out for our games which are featuring in two official DreamHack streams shown on the DreamHack Twitch channel! See if you can spot us on Saturday July 24th at 11AM PDT/ 7PM BST during the Indie Playground Trailer Showcase, a dedicated indie games showreel! Then, on Sunday 25th July at 2PM PDT/ 10PM BST, DreamHack will be hosting a dedicated Wired Productions showcase featuring the latest trailers from Arcade Paradise, Lumote, The Falconeer, Tin Hearts, Tiny Troopers: Globals Ops, Martha is Dead and The Last Worker, as well as developer playthroughs of Tin Hearts, Lumote and The Falconeer!

Throughout the duration of the event, guests will also have the chance to meet Lumote, the cutest and squishiest bioluminescent creature ever! Play the Lumote demo to possess, jump and bounce through a world of puzzles in this beautiful 3D puzzle platformer.


We also have a number of reductions across our games on Steam including Vostok Inc, Deliver Us the Moon, Close to the Sun, and so much more! Full details on all the discounts available are below:

As a bonus for all DreamHack attendees who click on our store during the event, we are also giving away a sampler of the official GRIP soundtrack.


Get a GRIP of this EP and embrace yourself with the tunes of Full Kontakt!

Veterans of the UK DnB scene, Full Kontakt consist of DJ’s Rapid & Vaptor, who provided tracks for the GRIP: Combat Racing Official Soundtrack!

  1. Full Kontakt – Power Train
  2. Full Kontakt – Blackout
  3. Full Kontakt – Cyborg

Play it loud and enjoy, or check out the full soundtrack here!


Finally, all of our games are available to Wishlist by visiting the arcade machine in DreamHack Beyond, or you can simply click this link!

Enjoy DreamHack Beyond and don’t forget to say hi to our Community Managers, Steve and Gary, who will be manning the booth throughout the entirety of the event!

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