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Arcade Paradise Оновлення для розробників #1

Developer Andreas Firnigl goes over YOUR feedback on the demo

Hello there retro gaming fans and / or laundromat enthusiasts (we know there’s a few of you out there!)
It’s been a couple of weeks now since we closed off the doors of King Wash for some renovations after letting you loose in there during the steam NEXT festival – we trust you had a good time and didn’t do anything silly like attempt to open an arcade there or anything like that…

It was fascinating watching everyone get to grips with the finer art of linen care, and the feedback received has reinforced some update decisions, and spurred on others!

Don’t take our word for it though – here’s Dre from Nosebleed with a lovely update for you, the first in a series of regular info drops that will keep your eyes engaged until Arcade Paradise is back in your hands early next year!

Hello arcade owners! It’s Dre from Nosebleed here and first of all we want to thank everyone who downloaded the Arcade Paradise Demo and provided feedback on your thoughts. We were overwhelmed with the fantastic feedback and how much you guys got stuck into it, whether it be for the nostalgia kick, how pleasantly surprised people found the individual arcade games or even people who got more invested in the laundry side of the game finding it very relaxing to do.

When the demo launched, the build was already 2 months old and has had significant updates since which we’d like to share to alleviate any worries you may have about the game as part of this developer update.

Accessibility Updates

We want to make sure that everyone who plays Arcade Paradise is comfortable so we’ll be introducing accessibility options so you can customize your game. Adjustable field of view has been highly requested and is something we are looking into. The game was designed to have this specific FOV in order to interact with the arcade cabinets and laundry however we now see that some people wanted more freedom with this. Options we have already implemented include adjustable text speed, a reticule to make it easier to point and aim to interact with things, camera sensitivity options and an option to remap keys/controls.

Self Improvement

Beyond this (and some of the more crazy bugs we’ll obviously be fixing) there are a few bits of gameplay that I’d like to highlight. We have a whole array of cool player upgrades coming, that will make your life easier and allow you to play the game the way you want. Stuff like a digital safe you can just drop cash into, a gold watch which doesn’t have bleepy alerts and even a self help book which teaches you how to manipulate space and time… so you can spend more time playing games!

(Beginner’s guide to Space and Time?!)

(With a Digital Safe, no need to turn any more dials!)

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We have fixed numerous bugs already… and we’re not talking about the ones you find in the arcade cabs! We know some of you like to have a clean shop so now customers will no longer litter in areas that are impossible to reach, the front doors have had a new fitting so throwing your garbage out of King Wash won’t have the door knocking against you and the laundry system is being reworked so there is a cut off point for customers bringing in dirty clothes. That means they won’t be allowed to bring any new baskets late into the night whilst you’re busy playing arcade games so you can make sure there is no outstanding laundry left overnight.

People found a hilarious bug where a third arm might appear. Although the game is set a couple of years before controllers were designed for 3 hands, this has now been fixed! With all the bug fixes, we hope you have a smoother experience running King Wash.

(Not actually in the game as it released about 3 years after when Arcade Paradise is set)

Lastly, adjustments are being made to the world so it is going to be more filled and brimming with life. We’re not quite ready to share this yet but keep an eye out in the coming months when we’re ready to show more so make sure to Wishlist and follow on Steam!

Arcade Paradise.

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