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Last Night, Wired Productions announced eight titles coming to PC and console in the next year, revealed exclusively during our first ever Wired Direct, live on Youtube. Presented by Julia Hardy, Wired Direct gave viewers an exclusive look at a fascinatingly varied mix of genres from developers Epiphany  Games, KeokeN interactive, LKA , Luminawesome Games, Nosebleed Interactive, Rogue Sun, Tomas Sala, Oiffy and Wolf & Wood.

In case you missed the show, it is still available to watch on YouTube:

From the neon-tinged puzzle platform action of Lumote, to the nostalgic 90s amusements of Arcade Paradise and the dystopian corporate nightmare that is The Last Worker, Wired’s line-up for the next 12 months promises deep woven narratives, unseen worlds, and unique and refreshing gameplay for gamers of all kinds.

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to the incredible developers and teams behind each game who we have the honour of working with.

Arcade Paradise – Nosebleed Interactive

From the developers who brought you the indie hit twin stick shooter meets idle clicker game, Vostok Inc. Nosebleed Interactive is a multi-award-winning independent studio based in the North East of England. Who, at last nights Wired Direct, revealed their upcoming game ‘Arcade Paradise’.

Arcade Paradise is a love letter to arcades. Where players will be able to kit out their dream arcade with machines from the glory era, from simple vector-based games of the 70s all the way to the early 3D games of the mid-90s. Get a heavy dose of nostalgia with over 35 playable arcade titles.


Arcade Paradise is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

| Nosebleed Twitter | Nosebleed Website | Arcade Paradise Trailer | Arcade Paradise Wish List |

Lumote – Luminawesome Games

Luminawesome Games are an indie studio formed by Michelle and Kyle Rocha, who were one of the winning teams for the October Unreal Game Jam with their game ‘Bump’. They loved the concept and have since decided to develop it into a full game, while doubling their development team to include Aaron Arndt and Paul Ruskay. Together, their past credits include NFS: Underground, Underground 2, Sleeping Dogs, Mod Nation Racers, and LittleBigPlanet Karting. Luminawesome have now found a publishing home for ‘Lumote’ in the form of Wired Productions.

A gorgeous puzzle platformer, Lumote sends players to an underwater-like neon world of shapes and colours where players take control of its inhabitants to solve increasingly complex and varied puzzles.



Lumote is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

| Luminawesome Twitter |Luminawesome Website | Lumote Trailer | Lumote Wish List |

The Last Worker – Oiffy and Wolf & Wood

The incredibly talented teams at Oiffy and Wolf & Wood are combining their talents in the TV, film, and games industries, to reveal their next project ‘The Last Worker’.

Oiffy, founded by Alex Helfrecht, Jörg Tittel and Philip Munger are a team of individuals who specialise in telling original stories through film, television, games, and comic books.

Wolf & Wood are an indie studio that likes to tell dark and often satirical stories, whether it is through mystery, horror, or comedy. They have led the way in Virtual Reality narrative, most prominently known for A Chair in a room, Star Trek Timelines, The Harbinger Trial, The Exorcist and Hotel R’n’R.

The Last Worker is a first-person narrative adventure centred around our struggle in an increasingly automated world. Combining a hand-crafted art style with uniquely immersive gameplay mechanics in an epic setting, The Last Worker delivers an emotional, thought provoking and comedic story packaged with rich characters performed by an all-star cast.


The Last Worker is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Oculus, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

| The Last Worker Twitter | The Last Worker Website | The Last Worker Trailer | The Last Worker Wish List | Oiffy Twitter | Wolf & Wood Twitter|

Tin Hearts – Rogue Sun

Rogue Sun was founded in 2016 by Lionhead Studios alumni Kostas Zarifis, Jon Askew and Ian Faichnie, who met while working on the multimillion selling Fable franchise. The founders have upwards of 50 years combined industry experience and are joined by an equally battle-hardened team of developers from companies such as Sony, EA, Kuju, and Microsoft. Rogue Sun are based in Guildford, one of the UK’s most vibrant game development hubs.

Tin Hearts is a Lemmings-style puzzle game that will challenge players to explore beautiful environments, interact with objects, and look at things in new and different ways as they embark on a journey of discovery set in a magical toy-filled universe.


Tin Hearts is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Oculus, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

 | Rogue Sun Twitter | Tin Hearts Trailer | Tin Hearts Wish List |

Tiny Troopers: Global Ops – Epiphany Games

Tiny Troopers is from the brains of Kim Soares, founder of Multi-award winning Finnish mobile games developer, KUKOURI. They are a small but elite team of veteran developers with a proven track record in the industry and Tiny Troopers along with their other titles has seen over 50 million downloads across mobile, PC and console platforms.

Tiny Troopers is built in conjunction with Epiphany Games, an award-winning Development Studio located in Sydney which focuses on multi-platform games. The company consists of a number of a highly experienced game developers with over fifty years of combined game development experience for producing high quality projects on time and on budget.

An all-new sequel in the multi-million selling Tiny Troopers franchise. With couch co-op and online multiplayer, players can enjoy the battle with friends at home and away, plus the visual upgrades and enhancements of next gen graphics.


Tiny Troopers is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

| Tiny Troopers Trailer | Tiny Troopers Wish List | Tiny Troopers Twitter | Epiphany Games Website |

The Falconeer – Tomas Sala

Bafta Nominated game artist and designer Tomas Sala, is the solo developer for The Falconeer. Tomas is also the co-founder of game studio Little chicken Game Company. Best known to most gamers for his exotic Skyrim Mod series: Moonpath to Elsweyr, Tomas has developed a unique visual style over the years that have helped turn helped turn games such as Rekt! (iOS/Switch), SXPD (iOS) and TrackLab (PSVR) into unique visual and interactive experiences. During the Wired Direct, the new Falconeer update ‘Atun’s Folly’ was announced.

Live the pirate life with ‘Atun’s Folly’, a free new update for BAFTA Nominated The Falconeer. Navigate the perilous waters of the Great Ursee, discover Atun’s Folly, a Pirate settlement and take on missions to raid the Imperium’s wealthy traders, with fearsome new enemies to defeat!


| The Falconeer Steam | Tomas Sala Twitter | Atun’s Folly Trailer |

Martha is Dead – LKA

From the developers behind the acclaimed and award-winning game ‘The Town of Light’, LKA. LKA was founded more than 20 years ago, working in the fields of set design, documentaries, and special effects before dedicating themselves exclusively to video game development in 2012. The Wired Direct released the latest teaser for Martha is Dead, ‘Flesh Flies’.

A first-person psychological thriller set at the end of the Second World War, during the Battle of Chianti, in Tuscany, Italy. Intense moments, twists, reveals and gorgeous visuals. Martha is Dead pushes boundaries and makes players question what they are seeing.


Martha is Dead is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

| Martha is Dead Wishlist | Martha is Dead Trailer | LKA Twitter |

Deliver Us The Moon – KeokeN

KeokeN are a Dutch indie game developer company, developers of the acclaimed sci-fi epic – Deliver Us The Moon. Founded by Keon Deetman, Paul Deetman and Johan Terink in 2013, the studio was born out of the passion for developing great and engaging 3D game experiences. At the Wired Direct, it was announced that the much-loved a Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future is coming to next-gen consoles, with a free upgrade for current owners!

Assume the role of Earth’s last astronaut, cut off from Earth and on a do-or-die mission. With ray-traced shadows, reflections and audio, and greatly improved loading times, expect the most gorgeous version of this mysterious adventure yet.


| Deliver Us The Moon Twitter | Deliver Us The Moon Steam | Deliver Us The Moon Website | Deliver Us The Moon Trailer | KeokeN Twitter | KeokeN Website |

To celebrate the first Wired Direct, catch the Wired Publisher Sale event on Steam here.

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