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A stunning showcase of our 2021 line-up of games from the GREATEST indie storytellers, hosted by none other than the incredible Julia Hardy!

On March 29th 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET/ 12:00 PST we will sharing world exclusive announcements of our upcoming titles, updates for our games you already know and love, and exciting news about the world of Wired as a whole!

What kind of content will there be? We hear you ask!

Well we can’t give away EVERYTHING now, but here’s a sneaky run down of things to look forward to and get you thinking!

  • A game from a team that brought you Fable!
  • TWO sequels to existing Wired games
  • The squishiest hero ever to exist in a video game
  • A heart-breaking game about boxes
  • More news about upcoming thriller ‘Martha Is Dead’
  • And even more Big Ass Birds!
  • Along with trailers, developer interviews and so much more!

There will even be a pre stream gaming hangout session from the cast of #WiredLive for all of you early birds!

Okay we’ve said too much – you’ll have to tune in to find out more!

The event will be streamed live on YouTube, you can find the countdown stream link right here

Make sure you hit the notification reminder so you don’t miss out on what is guaranteed to be the greatest live event of the year!

If you are a content creator, feel free to stream the event alongside us so we can see your reactions to the event live as it occurs!

In the meantime keep an eye out on all of our socials for the rest of the month, we may have a couple of surprise teases along the way to keep you hungry and guessing until the 29th

And be sure to check out our incredible host beforehand – Julia Hardy Twitter Goodness

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