Modern Warfare 2 не позволит игрокам Xbox и PC отключить кросс-игру | Ep #36 | Wired Unplugged Podcast

Wake up, a hot new Unplugged just dropped! Aaron has STILL not returned from his elephant excursion, so just when he thought he was out, guest host Gary jumps back in the saddle fresh from his Polaris trip to Hamburg to discuss all the latest gaming news and Wired propaganda with the one and only Jake!

With a new mission to ‘not swear in order to please the algorithm gods’ the dynamic duo dive into a heft Arcade Paradise celebration with the announcement of the Coin-Op Pack #1 which expands Arcade Paradise with three new cabinets AND the release of the deluxe double vinyl, whilst speculating on just WHAT is in the revealed 4-month cabinet roadmap!

Also covered in this week’s episode :

  • Eating hamburgers in Hamburg – Microsoft keeping Call of Duty on Sony platforms (as long as there’s a PlayStation to ship it to..)
  • Modern Warfare 2 Cross-Play being DISABLED for Xbox and PC Users
  • IKEA shutting down a solo dev for comparisons to its store (?!) whilst Tarkov escapes scot-free.
  • Square Enix’s mysterious new game announcement ‘Symbiogenesis’ which has disappointed pretty much everyone by NOT being a Parasite Eve game (you guessed it, it’s NFT-related)
  • The Wired Store having a 10% discount throughout ALL of November on all purchases, and free shipping on orders over £150. Want to take advantage of our 10% November discount? :

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