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Arcade Paradise Games 6 to 10

Here are your weekly 5 games round-up for Arcade Paradise

The doors to the KingWash arcade open on the 11th of August and we have decided to take a quick look at all the games. Here are the games 6 to 10.


Bring the badminton experience to the arcade as you hone your skills against the CPU.


Racer Chaser

Drive around 3 cities avoiding cops, getting into gunfights and robbing cash in this 3D action game


Strike Gold

Collect gold, buy upgrades and dig as deep as you can, to Strike Gold.



Match 3 or balls to make them pop! Play against the AI or against a friend and take on the world!



Uncover the conspiracy of the century. It’s your time in the… Blockchain.


Want to make sure you secure a copy of Arcade Paradise? Hit the link below to find out where to buy one.

Arcade Paradise

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