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Arcade Paradise игры с 21 по 25

The doors to the KingWash arcade opened on the 11th of August and we have decided to take a quick look at all the games each week. Here are the games 21 to 25.

Communists from Mars

No one would have that this world was going to be attacked by Communist Martians.

Line Terror

Join up to 4 players and restore reality as you face the ultimate Line Terror.


Mayday mayday! How far can you go before the black hole gets you?

Woodguy Golf

Fore! Can you sink a hole in one using just your woods?

Graffiti Ballz

Aim and fire balls of paint to create new colours. Make sure to be as colourful as possible.


Arcade Paradise is out right now and you can pick up a copy from the link below.

Arcade Paradise.

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