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Arcade Paradise Games 11 to 15

Here are your weekly 5 games from Arcade Paradise.

The doors to the KingWash arcade open on the 11th of August and we have decided to take a quick look at all the games. Here are the games 11 to 15.

Blobs from Space

Invaders are attacking from Space! Shoot them down before they shoot you!



Evils blocks appeared. Woodgal’sdog had no choice but to smash them with her trusty ball…


Attack Vector

Shoot down enemy choppers in amazing wireframe vector graphics and high octane action.


Zombat 2

The eagerly awaited follow-up to the original smash-hit twin-stick zombie combat shooter.


WoodGal JR

The amazing Woodgal Jr. offers all the fun of Woodguy Jr, with even better graphics.


Arcade Paradise launches on August the 11th. That’s THIS Thursday.

Wondering how to pick up a copy? Hit the link below.

Arcade Paradise.

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