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Даты выхода и анонсы игр : Wired @ The Future Games Show

Gamescom is HERE and whilst we’ve been soaking up the sights of Germany and enjoying the show – we had to take a small break to light up the Future Games Show with not one, not two, but THREE announcements during the Future Games Show – LIVE on Gamesradar Twitch and Youtube!

We confirmed a launch date, brought back an old bird friend, and announced new games to boot!
Take a look at the news we brought to the show!




Set in Jüngle Fulfillment Center 1, the largest retail facility on Earth, The Last Worker is a first-person narrative adventure centered around humanity’s struggle in an increasingly automated world, where humans are being replaced by robots.
One of our most eagerly anticipated titles from Wired Direct now has a PC release date! Dispatching on launching on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG on October 19th, 2022!



Hotel Architect invites you to Unleash your entrepreneurial passion by creating exquisite multi-storey hotels all over the world. You must stay on your toes and constantly adapt to new scenarios created by the increasingly crazy demands of your most extravagant guests.

Transform empty property lots into bustling profitable hotels!





Return to the Water…

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles lets your creativity run WILD as you become the creator of your own fortresses and settlements within the haunting landscapes of The Great Ursee, the world of The Falconeer. 

Keep your eyes on #WiredLive for 3 trailers appearing over the next few days – and of course follow @wiredP on Twitter for all update on our games, and directions to their individual accounts!

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