The Vinyl Countdown ft. Tomas Sala and Benedict Nichols | Ep #15 | Wired Unplugged

This week on Wired Unplugged, hosts Jake Kulkowski and Aaron Cooper are joined by solo developer legend Tomas Sala, creator of The Falconeer and musical maestro Benedict Nichols to talk music, games and sinking deep into the game development process.

Buckle down as our gang take a proper gander at the latest videogame propaganda, discuss the possibilities of new ‘pro-style consoles on the horizon, tussle on the effects of GamePass, slip into E3 excitement mode and pursue that elusive partnership with a well-known bakery… Oh and just what would the world of a space-faring cat battling unicorns MIGHT look like in Unreal Engine 5! Meow!

Thanks to everyone (especially Gloria Gaynor, Greggs the bakery, Helen Mirren, and our ever-growing legion of A-list celebrities) for supporting the podcast. If you’d like to help shape the podcast you can email questions/suggestions/feedback/love letters to

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