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PlayStation Indie Sale

The PlayStation Indie Sale starts on the 28th November 2022 and we can now reveal that Wired have 4 titles taking part.

These title are:

Arcade Paradise PS4/5 -25% off
Manage profits, pick up gum, do the laundry and get coin to unlock arcade units and flip the family laundromat business to become an Arcade Paradise!

Buy it here!

Lumote PS4 -50% off
Meet Lumote, the squishiest bioluminescent creature, in this beautiful 3D puzzle platformer. Take control of the world’s inhabitants on a quest into the Great Depths to seize control from the Mastermote.

Buy it here!

Martha is Dead PS4/5 -30%
Martha Is Dead is a dark first-person psychological thriller, set in 1944 Italy, that blurs the lines between reality, superstition and the tragedy of war.

Buy it here!

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition PS4/5 -60%
The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Deluxe PS4 only -60%
Soar through the skies aboard a majestic warbird, explore a stunning oceanic world and engage in epic aerial dogfights, in this BAFTA-nominated air combat game from solo developer, Tomas Sala.

Buy it here!

Sale ends 21st December 2022 23:59 GMT

Hurry these prices wont be round for long!

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