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Bulwark no Steam Next Fest

Hey Everybody,

We are thrilled to announce Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is participating in the Steam Next Fest.

Join us at 9 pm BST tonight for a live stream with Tomas Sala on the game’s Steam home page.

We also have a once-in-a-lifetime competition where you can be immortalized and be put into Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles. Yes, we want to give you the chance to be in the game!

To have the chance to become part of Bulwark lore, You just need to:

  1. Play the Demo.
  2. Take an epic screenshot.
  3. Post on Social Media with the tag #BuildYourBulwark.


The Evolving Demo has also been updated to include a whole host of new content and mechanics based on feedback from the players, including:

  • Enroll as a Faction Leader with accompanying palace structures, then compete with and repel attacks from others in raids
  • The introduction of new captains and combat captains with their own set of perks
  • A campaign option to skip the tutorial and dive right into the action (for hardcore players).
  • Scenario settings that allow the player to choose a starting action, spawn location and settings
  • New random events and encounters (Including Pirate Skullship Captains!)
  • Improved ship trading routes
  • An increased range for buildings to snap, allowing for larger sprawling constructions

Wishlist and play the evolving demo now:

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