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Arcade Paradise DLC, Patch 1.06 e Vinil

MIC DROP… Arcade Paradise launches its first DLC pack: COIN-OP Pack #1, A patch and The Soundtrack on double vinyl.

First off:

Patch 1.06 Has multiple game fixes, UI fixes and so much more. If you would like a deep dive into what has been covered. Head on over to the Arcade Paradise Discord.

Coin-Op Pack #1

includes three brand-new arcade cabinets which represents the first step on a roadmap for future content to be released over the coming months.


Watch the new trailer below:

Included cabinets are:


Time to grasp the handles and ascend the mountain whilst avoiding being hit by rocks from unbelievers. The longer you survive the more points you score. Forsake loneliness. Feel togetherness. Ascend. How high can you go?

Smoke ‘em

Aim. Fire. Reload. It’s time to test your sharpshooting skills against the clock in this supremely fun high scoring 2 player shooting range. 

Cyberdance EuroMix

If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in. Luckily for you, it is.
Cyberdance EuroMix is the rave focused follow-up to Arcade Paradise’s smash hit dancing sensation, Cyber Dance – with updated graphics and next-generation widescreen technology. Pick your tune, then coordinate your movements in time with the beat. The closer to matching the beat you tap, the more you’ll score! Prepare to dance your socks off. For one or two players.

The Coin-Op Pack #1 is priced at $3.99 / €3.99 / £3.49 or the arcade games are available individually for $1.99 / €1.99 / £1.79

Arcade Paradise | Official Soundtrack | Double Vinyl | WP #04

To celebrate Coin-Op Pack #1, the Arcade Paradise Double Vinyl LP also launches today! Inspired by the game’s early 90’s setting and only 1000 pressings released worldwide.

The Arcade Paradise Double Soundtrack features electrifying music by writer and producer Kieron Pepper (ex-Prodigy live drummer, 1997-2007) and Ben Pickersgill (ex-member of drum & bass crew Klax, and is currently working as an audio designer with credits on upcoming games such as ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ and Arkane’s ‘Redfall’.) . Mastered by Bob Macc / Subvert, produced by Video Games Music Label, Black Razor Records. Featuring original 8-bit illustrated album artwork by David Sossella. the Double Vinyl is housed in a gatefold sleeve. 

Avid listeners will be transported to the early 90s in which the game is set, a true love letter to the skaters, ravers, and sticky arcade carpets of a time when arcades ruled the world. Meticulously crafted with collectors in mind, the premium Double Vinyl is limited to 1000 eye-catching blue and pink vinyl pressings and includes a full digital download.

The Arcade Paradise Double Vinyl soundtrack is available to purchase now from the Wired Productions store for £35.00, but they currently have a 10% off sale. 

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