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Obtenha Wired com nossa promoção de 2022 para editores!

We’re getting game ready for the summer – in a very WIRED way.
First of all we’re kicking off June with our annual Publisher Sale on Steam, featuring up to 90% savings from June 3rd to June 10th.

Our message is clear: “Don’t buy a f*****g thing off Steam until June 3rd – you won’t regret it!” – Yes you can quote us on that!

The Sale is just the start, with The Last Worker and Tin Hearts featuring demo debuts in the Steam Next Fest, from June 13th to 20th along with developer play sessions and live Q&As. The full list of discounts for the Publisher Sale will be revealed within the coming days and the countdown starts now! There’ll be  more news and reveals throughout June, and apart from two days to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen, will be busy preparing the best, most diverse and original indie games!

Ahead of Steam Next Fest, Content Creators and members of the Press can play both Tin Hearts and The Last Worker demos starting today, over two weeks before the public release. Wired have also been able to sneak in a demo for Arcade Paradise as a part of the collection too. Demo access can be found via press@wiredproductions or through applying on PressEngine.

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