Referendum your way out of this.




Europe is knocking, and Theresa May is at the door.

BREXIT SIMULATOR is a game like no game before it, and no game after it. The MMO, ARPG, FPS, sports game is the most realistic video game ever released, today. The world as we know it is over. Stock markets have crashed, the Eurotunnel was looped back to England. The price of Toblerone’s was increased and the space between pieces got even bigger (again!). Widespread global conflict over the economic meltdown sent earth towards the end of humanity. Great Britain, once proud and strong, a central figure in Europe, is now outcast in a world powerless and crippled by the price rises of bread and bendy fruit.

Only one person, with muscles bigger than the will of the people, can save the day.... and the lady is not for turning.

Created with the aid of the finest European data analysts (they were cheaper than British ones) Brexit Simulator has carefully projected the future in an intense story campaign that lasts several years (Please note, regardless how you play, the ending will be the same and you ultimately don't really control how the game ends).


Brexit Simulator Features

Hard and Soft mode - How you play is up to you.

4k 60FPS - Full 4k rendering in glorious 60FPS, see Theresa May like never before!

No Tony Blair - Tony Blair will only appear as a paid Microtransaction.

Constructor mode – Build your own fences and forts around the ring.

Leadership Mode - Prepare for battles across parties and your own team. A friend might be a foe!

Set your laws and rules for each game – That’s right. You can create your own laws!

Jeremy Corbyn – Your greatest ally might not be who you think. With local Co-Op mode, take control of Jeremy Corbyn and help save Great Britain!

Referendum – Put it to the online community about which path to take on each level. Be careful though, it might not go the way you want it to!



4 player online action. Who will you choose? Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage or Michael Gove?

Set over 4 maps on launch, with new content each month.

Maps on launch:

  • London
  • Brussels
  • Abandoned Tesco
  • Great Yarmouth


What The Press says

  • “If there is one good thing that came out of Brexit, it’s this!” Claire Louise, Life Gaming Magazine
  • “Game of the year, without a doubt” Freya Wright, WTF Gaming
  • “I’m not sure what I just played, but it was incredible” Ava Jones, Now That is Amazing Gaming News
  • “I cried with laughter. Then i stopped laughing and just cried” Finn Wild, Gaming News
  • “We will build a wall around this game and make you pay for it” Donald Trump, USA