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Tin Hearts Steam Patch 9/6/23

Hello Tin Soldiers!

We have a delightful little patch dropping today. It has plenty of minor bug fixes and more.

The full list is below:

• Fixed a game-breaking issue in level 44 – Powerglove, now (always) with actual power!
• Several improvements and bug fixes in level 44 – Yes, we even fixed THAT bug. Oh, and it’s prettier too.
• Second Vac Tube in level 42 should no longer NOPE soldiers incorrectly.
• Albert should no longer get pinned between the trio of Cannons in level 37.
• Albert should no longer manifest as a ghost before he has finished ‘moving on.
• No more frozen soldier between block and paint cans in Level 7.
• The Tin Hearts logo sometimes would overstay its welcome in the Study level.
• Level 44 lighting improved.
• The powerglove reveal cutscene has been polished.
• Albert insisted climbing on non existent objects in Act 4 (I mean we know you’re a ghost and all that Albert, but c’mon).
• Jumping to Mr Soldier works as expected even when you have multiple Mr Soldiers (like in Level 44).
• Removed the superglue from the lift buttons in Level 44 so now Albert’s hand won’t stick to them after pressing.
• Elevated the zapper generator that was previously on the floor in Level 44. It was unhygienic (but it’s now also easier to spot).
• We discovered some invisible walls inside some of the stampers in Level 44? Possibly an attempt by the soldiers to stop them stamping? Sorry soldiers, can’t allow that.
• It is now more intuitive to route your soldiers to the first ladder in Level 44.
• Some spiders in Level 44 were not meeting The Guild of Toymakers’s quality bar for lethality. These spiders have been terminated and replaced with appropriately lethal ones.
• The puzzle in the middle level of Level 44 has been streamlined.
• Albert’s night vision goggles project is needed no more. Lack of adequate lighting in some level 44 areas has been addressed.
• Ghost airships when blowing them with pinwheels have been politely asked to behave a bit more predictably from now on.
• Loads of other minor bug fixes!

A patch is planned to drop for consoles sometime in the next 2 weeks to bring parity to ALL platforms.

We want you all marching in time!

If for some reason you are having issues. Drop us some details over HERE.

It really helps get to the bottom of any problems you are having.

We hope this helps you to enjoy Tin Hearts even more than ever, but we will continue to polish and make it run smoother than an entire troop of marching soldiers.


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