The Falconeer | A Great Ursee Update

Ascend Falconeers!

A brand new patch is now available to download, featuring pt-BR text language support, better keyboard and mouse implementation, visual upgrades, bug fixes and more!

Full patch notes are as follows! :

** PC Specific **

  • The settings and control menus now respond to mouse better. You can click on left to go left or right to go right in a setting.
  • Resolution switcher now goes up and down logically.
  • Mouse control + Aim control scheme does not drift the bird all over the place when in a cinematic zoom.
  • Reduced the tendency of the bird heading towards a tracked target when holding the target tracking button while using Mouse Control + Aim Control schemes.
  • Mouse controls now restored to the Worldmap menu.
  • If multiple game controllers are connected, the input system will now revert to the controller type you set as your flight axis


  • Added Portuguese Brazilian language text support.

UI And Settings

  • Added a gamma slider to settings.
  • Photo-mode bindings within control menu now has a title.
  • Added colour coded button icons for Xbox X, Y, A and B buttons.


  • For normal and easy difficulty, all ammo is now refilled upon landing anywhere inhabited.
  • For hardcore difficulty all ammo is now refilled at your home, pyro pots are refilled anywhere inhabited.
  • Upon death you no longer lose any ammo pots you bought, only splinters.
  • After completing a chapter, every mission of that chapter is now listed and can be replayed
  • Storms have been made slightly more dangerous with increased flying effects.
  • Diving into the water will now always stop ammo overcharging within storms.
  • Mission combat events now de-spawn and reset only at further distances.
  • Pirate Hunters are cleared for clean-up after the player redeems their status as pirate.
  • Pirate Hunters may now spawn if you load a new game.
  • Splash damage from exploding turrets fire reduced.
  • Rocket fire damage reduced by 20%.
  • Increased the health of the Dreadnot during Treefall mission.


  • Storms have been visually improved and can now be spotted from a distance.
  • Increased the default range of the compass and the scaling of compass items.
  • Made character portrait animations snappier.
  • Character portraits now have different idle animations which won’t sync together.
  • Characters within their portraits now have roughed up hairlines.
  • Tree of Souls is now less cluttered and visually improved.
  • Caves have been visually improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue whereby some ships were intersecting rocks and ending up in strange places.
  • Fixed a flicker which occurred when the compass is switched between exploration and combat mode.
  • Added a missing race marker.
  • Fixed issue where fish could be caught within caves.
  • Added additional preventions to stop wreckdive cutscenes from not displaying.
  • Fixed issue with level up warning popping-up in the main menu.
  • Splash damage limited so insta-kills of ships is less likely.


Let us know what you think about the new control changes, especially regarding Keyboard and Mouse!

Any issues or feedback you want to give directly you can do so in the official Falconeer Discord

And don’t forget we are currently running a competition to get your best snapshots of the Legendary Aces included in the Atuns Folly update – go cause some trouble and take some fearsome pictures and you might just win some game keys for sharing them with us on Twitter using #WiredChallenge




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