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The Falconeer Vinyl Is Here

At last, we can officially announce The Falconeer Vinyl is soaring onto turntables.
This labor of love has taken us a few months to put together, but you will not be disappointed with the results.

Featuring the soundtrack to Tomas Sala’s BAFTA-nominated The Falconeer. Core to the game experience was the emotional use of music. This vinyl release is a celebration of the enjoyment and expression unleashed from the soundtrack and all the talented people involved.

Award-winning composer Benedict Nichols brings together an eclectic cathedral of a soundtrack that summons the dual nature of The Falconeer; nuanced, but yet dynamic! Have a list on our Bandcamp page.

A record this special needs to be housed in beautiful artwork. The team turned to illustrator Haley Wakefield, winner of best record art on Sea of Thieves. Who, inspired by the release’s themes, mood, and visuals, crafted a stunning and exclusive piece of art, lovingly housed in a gatefold sleeve.

We got Steve from our Community team to “Unbox” it. Take a closer look.

Want to get a copy of your own?

Click here, but be quick as they are flying out.

Or pick up the green vinyl exclusively at our partners:

Limited Run Games

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