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Martha Is Dead – PlayStation 5 Patch 1.09

A new patch is available for Martha Is Dead on PlayStation 5 – players should now be able to download it by launching the game whilst connected to the PlayStation Network.

Patch notes are as follows :

– Fixed the chance of crashing during chapter 8.
– Fixed the chance of freezing at random points during gameplay.
– Optimized the activity cards for The White Lady.
– Optimized how adaptive triggers work for later sequences.
– Removed the skip icon from appearing when censored is on.
– Fixed issue where subtitles disappear slightly too early.
– Reimplemented 400iso film for The Hangman trophy.
– Additional minor issues and fixes.

The Pc version of Martha Is Dead on Steam updated to Build No: 1.0303 yesterday, patch notes for pc players are available here :
If you are still experiencing issues on PC, please submit your DxDiag info and specs as well as your issue on the steam forums available here :

Upcoming patches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles are currently in testing and submission and should be out next week once verified.

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