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Martha Is Dead Patch 1.0303

Hello again folks, thank you for your patience whilst we continue to address the launch issues you’ve brought to our attention!

There is a brand new update available to download right now on Steam featuring the following updates (note spoilers relate to telegraph puzzle inputs) :

Build No: 1.0303

– Additional LOD optimization to improve performance.
– Depth of Field optimization to improve performance.
– Ray Tracing now works for Geforce Now.
– French text has been updated, changing  and better distinguishing  for the telegraph.
– Spanish has been updated, changing  for the telegraph.

Once again thank you for everyone who has submitted issues, specs, their suggestions, general feedback and everything in between – the team is working through them all in a timely manner – so if you’re seeing an issue you’re having not addressed yet – don’t worry – we’ll get to it!

Enjoy the rest of your week – and don’t forget to keep sharing your screenshots / artwork / thoughts with us on our socials, and leave an honest review if you’ve played the game!

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